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Conference & Event Technology

Audio Video plays a major role in the way viewers experience your presentations. If people can’t understand your message, it can lead to poor engagement and a negative overall experience. We provide audio / video technological support for all of our event spaces across our campus centers.




Quality audiovisual support to ensure the best experience for your target audience.




Meet all of your broadcasting needs…

Broadcast, record, publish, manage, and measure, all from a single integrated platform.


Control your content and share your videos.

Flexible publishing options make it simple to reach your audience in the manner you choose.



Learning Engagement Studio

Take advantage of our in-house production studio. We provide the tools to create everything from professional quality audio voiceovers, to studio-level videos. New Media and Production can provide what you need to serve your media recording request.

State-of-the-art industry level production studio

Our studio provides a low pressure, casual and relaxed environment to inspire creativity while delivering high quality service and equipment for outstanding results.

Create lessons that are compelling and memorable with professional quality multimedia

Imagine adding the style and quality of digital film to your online courses, hybrid classes, or even as supplemental resources to your face-to-face instruction!

Combine the power of narrative with engaging, interactive media within any learning environment.

Work with NMP staff directly to discuss ideas, develop storyboards, and create impressive new media to best fit your class or marketing needs.

Media done the right way can greatly enhance your online-learning materials.

Using voiceovers to enhance presentations, take advantage of our custom designed sound recording booth to give your project that professional quality sound.

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Feeling Inspired? We can help!

The Center for Transformative Learning (CTL) is here to support your needs. To utilize our services, we ask that you submit a ticket request below. If you have any questions about our services, please contact us by phone at 336.734.7640 or email us at