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Single Course User Participation Report

Creating a Single Course User Participation Report in Blackboard

Introduction and Purpose

This process is to guide you through the Single User Participation Report process. This report is in Blackboard and is critical in capturing enrollment dates before the course census date.

Running the Report

Before creating a report, you will need to open a Blackboard course that you are the instructor in and make sure that EDIT MODE is on.   

Follow the directions below to create a Single User Participation Report in Blackboard: 

  1. Course Management
  2. Evaluation
  3. Course Reports (view image of Steps 1-3)
  4. Click the arrow beside the report titled Single Course User Participation Report
  5. Click on Run (view image of Steps 4-5)
  6. Click on the calendar icon to add a start date, such as the FIRST day of the semester
  7. Click on the calendar icon to add an end date, such as the LAST day of the semester
  8. Click Submit (view image of Steps 6-8)
  9. A dialog box will appear. Click in the circle beside the OPEN WITH option to open the file in Microsoft Excel (view image of Step 9)
  10. Click YES to open the file (view image of Step 10)

    If you choose SAVE FILE, your report will be downloaded as an Excel file to your Downloads folder. However, you can save the file where you like if you choose OPEN WITH and then File/Save As in Excel.

  11. View the results of your report. Your report results should look similar to the image below (view image of Step 11)

    Your report results will include students’ names, ID numbers, their total number of assignment submissions, the date of their most recent submission, and their total number of submissions.  In the example below, student identifying information has been removed.