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Completing the Course Copy Process

Completing the Course Copy Process

Introduction and Purpose

This process explains how to run the course copy process. It also shares best practices before and after completing the process. When copying an old course over into the new course shell, consider these recommendations to achieve the desired results.

  1. DO NOT copy the course more than one time! Doing so will result in the Source Course (course copied) to be duplicated into the Destination Course (Course shell)
  2. Check the Course Menu for duplicated items (see Duplicated Course Menu). This is a must to eliminate course navigation problems for your students.
  3. Pay particular attention to Step 8 to eliminate copying old discussions into the new course.
  4. See instructions for Moving a Course Menu Item /Folder to a Different Location below to move or copy individual items from one course to another.
  5. Set Course Entry Point

Post Course Copy

Complete the course copy process by removing old and unused items from their perspective areas. This will reduce the course storage space on the Blackboard server and will enhance responsiveness when you and your students are working in the course. Performing the best practices will also eliminate confusion for you and your students if unused items, files, etc., remain in the course and are visible to new students. Here is a list of best practices post course copy:

  1. Course Content Collection (Files must be deleted inside the Course Content Collection area, just in the content areas such as Course Documents or Assignments).
    1. Files such as old syllabi
    2. Power Points
    3. Word documents
    4. Images
    5. Excel files
    6. Other unused items
  2. Course Documents
    1. Lecture Notes that are no longer relevant to the current course.
    2. Items containing information and files no longer needed in the course
    3. Hyperlinks
      1. Remove in irrelevant to the course
      2. Fix the links if they no longer work
    4. Assignments
      1. Writing
      2. Discussion Board
      3. Journal
      4. Blogs
      5. Wikis
      6. Tests
    5. Tests, Pools, and Surveys
      1. Old Tests that are no longer used in the course
      2. Old Pools that are no longer used in the course
      3. Old Survey that are no longer used in the course

Course Copy Process and Best Practices

Read the Course Copy tutorial. You may be asked to login to using your TechID.

In this process, you will enter the course you wish to copy (course to copy from, ie, source course), then select the course to copy the content into, select the course to copy to, make you Copy Options, and click Submit to complete the process. Read the tutorial to also learn some additional best practices related to the process.

You must be instructor in both courses and both must exist on the current Blackboard server. We highly recommend that you do not print or save this document because it may be updated from time to time, based on user feedback or changes to this function in Blackboard. Please return to this page to check for updates if you need to refer to Course Copy documentation.