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Blackboard: Start/End of Course Policy

Blackboard: Start/End of Course Policy

Course Start and End Dates

Course start and end dates in Blackboard are synchronized with Colleague. This automates the course availability function for students in Blackboard. Therefore, the course will not be available to students after the end date.

Course Prep

Whether it is a traditional, blended, hybrid, or online class, courses will be made available to students on the course start date. It is highly recommended that courses have content available to students on the course start date.

Sending Email

When Blackboard courses are unavailable to students, prior to its start or after its end date, the Send Email function is still available. For example faculty can send an email to students prior to a course’s start date to provide general info and  let them know that the course will be available to them on the course start date. Another example of email use is to communicate to students final exam grades, especially when Blackboard access is not available to them. This communication must take place through the designated Forsyth Tech email systems which uses the email address to send and retrieve employee and student. Use of other methods is considered a FERPA violation.

Accommodating Students with an Incomplete

In cases where a course must be reopened to accommodate students with an incomplete, this request must be first approved by the academic dean of the respective course. This request must be made via email by the academic dean and sent to the Dean of the Center for Transformative Learning.