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Faculty Learning Communities (FLC)

The mission of the CTL is to catalyze teaching excellence through Community, Partnership, and Educational Innovation.

What is a Faculty Learning Community?

A Faculty Learning Community (FLC) is an interdisciplinary group of faculty members who meet regularly and engage in scholarly practices to increase their knowledge about teaching and innovative instructional practices. This takes place in a supportive, scholarly atmosphere to explore and apply knowledge acquired within the community. FLCs represent a strategic approach to advancing lessons learned across the institution.

The purpose of FLCs are to engage in an active, collaborative, yearlong program, with a curriculum focused on enhancing teaching and learning with seminars and activities that promote learning, development and community building.

FLCs are faculty-driven and sustained by the faculty. It is collaborative, informative and project driven. Together, participants assess their students’ understanding; design, plan and implement new instructional practices based on research; and reflect on their own approach to teaching and learning.

Apply for a Faculty Learning Community

Use the following form to apply to one of our Spring 2019 FLCs. The deadline to apply is Friday, October 26, 2018. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact James Cook or Dr. Torry Reynolds for more information.

Applicant Information

What is your first (or preferred) and last name?
What is your Forsyth Tech email address?
What is your phone number?
Select your academic division?
What is your academic department?
Are you adjunct or full-time faculty?

Supervisor Information

What is your supervisor's first (or preferred) and last name?
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Select a Learning Community

Please review hyperlinked information about the following FLCs. Use this as a guide to choose which FLC you would like to apply for. Each link opens in a new window. After reviewing the information, return to this screen and select an FLC. Then, fill out the brief questionnaire to submit your application.

Which faculty learning community are you applying for?
Why do you want to participate in this faculty learning community and what do you hope to gain through the experience?
How can you contribute to this faculty learning community?
Discuss your level of readiness or willingness to consider and incorporate changes in the way you teach your course(s).
Discuss any innovative teaching activities and/or teaching scholarship you currently use in your course(s).
How will you share your experience in this Faculty Learning Community to help enhance teaching and learning at Forsyth Tech?
Will you commit to attending ALL schedule meetings (refer to the overview for each FLC above) including completion of readings and related tasks?