CTL Behind the Instruction

The Center for Transformative Learning (CTL) at Forsyth Tech is a collection of professional knowledge; community of practice; and meaningful learning experiences; serving as a dynamic resource for students, faculty, and staff.

Ping Liang
"Since the CTL Collaboratory opened, the students in my classes have benefited from the services provided by the Center of Transformative Learning."

Faculty Learning Communities

Anna Marie Smith
Chief Human Resources Officer
HR Orientation Video

"What a big win for the college and all our new employees.  Thank you!"

Cecilia Wright

Forsyth Tech 2018 Art Showcase

"I want to thank the CTL again for their contributions and assistance in Derrick Parkers acting class and filming project. This has made for a totally phenomenal experience for our students."

-Cecilia Wright

MST faculty and CTL staff have worked diligently to develop Digital Learning Experiences (DLEs) that eliminate the need for textbooks. The work has been supported by multiple grants as well as private donor support. As a result, faculty have saved students an estimated $987,220, greatly reducing the barrier of textbook costs for hundreds of students.

Michael Ayers

"This is good work and I appreciate all who have contributed!"

-Michael Ayers

"Dr. Green stated that one of the goals of the college was to connect with the K-12 community to help direct students for future careers.  Your help on my project has helped us establish the first bridge in this journey."

-Barry Self

Barry Self

I just want to thank all of you for your help in finding a way to convert a Lean Six Sigma White Belt training program into a format that will interface with the Winston-Salem Forsyth County School system’s Learning Management System.

It has been an honor working with each of you to develop this amazing video!  The project allowed us to showcase the College’s longstanding tradition in the community and it’s profound impact throughout N.C.

-Senneca Stanback

“Working with the staff in the CTL is always a pleasure.  Each person is extremely knowledgeable and are always available to help when we have projects.  They always come up with new and creative ways to turn our requests into a remarkable piece of work that is usually way beyond our expectations!”

-Masonne Sawyer

“The CTL has been proactive about helping us create the updated SOAR course module in Blackboard using Camtasia. They put thoughtful attention into the project and have been responsive, and great to work with!”

-Carrie Blaskowski