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Robert L. Strickland Center

The Center For Transformative Learning

New Media & Production

Actively engage the learner in the learning process.

Instruction is not encountered solely in the classroom. Our philosophy is to empower students through increased educational options and recommended ways for the expansion of instructional delivery. Learning opportunities are engrained in every facet of our College.

Instructional Media

Educators see instructional media as aids rather than substitutions for the teacher. We provide leverage and support to help educators to take on new responsibilities and to learn unique skills to address the changing learning environment.

Grasp attention.
Sprout interest. Support learning.

The common objectives of Instruction Media can be grasping attention, sprouting interest, and support learning with living examples and visual elaboration. Our team help instructors to create an engaging learning environment using dynamic multimedia content for distance learning as well as in the classroom, instrumental in turning learning into an enjoying experience.


Effective visual context.

We innovate at the intersection of technology, art and learning to create accurate and effective visual context for understanding curriculum.

Learning Objects

Bring the world into the classroom when it is not possible to take the student into the world. Instructional learning objects includes the creation of media such as images, video, tutorials, modules, interactive learning activities, simulations, etc…