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Our collection guidelines, processes and procedures, tutorials and training videos meet you where you are, supporting your goals and helping you get the most value from the Blackboard® Learning Management System platform.

CTL Blackboard® Faculty Quick Guides

Blackboard® Faculty Quick Guides

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Blackboard® Course Video Tutorials

CTL Blackboard Faculty Quick Guides

The following Blackboard® quick guides can all be provided in PDF format for download and printing.

Blackboard Use in Traditional Classes: Required Content to Include in Course Shells

To improve persistence, retention, and student success, faculty (full- and part-time) are required to use Blackboard® in traditional courses. This document is to introduce and define the required content to be included in all Blackboard course shells.

Blackboard: Start/End of Course Policy

This document explains the course availability function in Blackboard and best practices to navigate this feature. Course start and end dates in Blackboard® are synchronized with Colleague. This automates the course availability function for students in Blackboard.

Semester Startup Procedures

There are many things we all have to do to get ready for the new semester. The start-up procedures for the fall semester are provided as a guide to ensure that instructors and students have a good experience in getting the semester started in a positive manner that encourages student and instructor participation and engagement in each course.

Completing the Course Copy Process

This process explains how to run the course copy process. It also shares best practices before and after completing the process. When copying an old course over into the new course shell, consider these recommendations to achieve the desired results.

Creating a Single Course User Participation Report in Blackboard

This process is to guide you through the Single User Participation Report process. This report is in Blackboard® and is critical in capturing enrollment dates before the course census date.

Enabling Learn Ultra Base Navigation:

This document is designed to help Blackboard Learn clients who are considering adopting Learn Ultra, and want to understand its current and future state. 

Blackboard’s Faculty Quick Guides

Blackboard Help

Blackboard’s most visited Learn and Collaborate help topics for instructors and students. You can view the help for any product and audience without logging in.

Blackboard Video Playlists

Get familiar with features in minutes. Watch short, engaging Blackboard Help videos on Blackboard’s YouTube channel.

You can see the full list of instructor videos and choose which ones you want to watch, or you can view multiple videos in a row about a particular topic using the following playlists.Also see Blackboards list of student videos.

Blackboard® Collaborate is a one click virtual online collaboration tool built specifically for institutions who need to deliver more engaging, personalized, and flexible learning options for students learners. 


CTL Blackboard Tutorials

Video tutorials highlighting various features of Blackboard and including tips and best practices in teaching. Some tutorials are developed by CTL, while others have either been made available by Blackboard®.

Introduction to Blackboard

How To Change Course Role

Incorporating in Blackboard

How to Set the External Grade in Blackboard Grade Center

Retention Center in Blackboard

Turning On Edit Mode

Adding Instructor Information

Creating Announcements

Creating Course Assignments

Uploading Your Syllabus

Accessing Your Blackboard Course

How to Self-Enroll in Basic Blackboard