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Wondering how to initiate certain processes and services as a new faculty member? You may also have questions about ways to be more efficient and effective while teaching, especially if this is your first time.

Well, the answers to all of your questions and concerns may be resolved through a yearlong orientation designed specifically for new faculty entering Forsyth Tech for the first time.

Forsyth Tech New Faculty Orientation

Our yearlong new faculty orientation program, referred to as the T-Three Academy, serves as a connector to the Human Resources hiring process. T-Three is short for Teach, Transform, and Triumph, which is indicative of the vision statement of the Center for Transformative Learning (CTL).

Forsyth Tech Culture

The Academy is designed to prepare new to Forsyth Tech faculty for the college culture, available services, and innovative approaches to teaching and learning.

Our Goal


Connect new faculty to the on-boarding process for new faculty through the work of faculty fellows, faculty peers, CTL personnel, and representatives from diverse student and employee support services.


Cultivate faculty Preparedness. Preparedness is defined by the CTL as “the capacity to perform or the level of readiness to complete a task.”


Integrate new faculty into the Forsyth Tech culture and to introduce the unique experiences of community college teaching.


Build Capacity and Performance for the success of all involved from diverse student and employee support services to faculty peers and CTL personnel.



Our Graduates

T-Three Academy Class of 2018

Welcome to the Forsyth Tech Family

Equity of Student Success for all students is the foundational heart of everything that we do at Forsyth Tech.

Join us! Class is in session.

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