FT | Center for Teaching & Learning
Robert L. Strickland Center

CTL Programs

The CTL provides structure programs and learning opportunities to support learning goal attainment, along with resources that enable faculty to deliver quality instruction. We continuously strive to provide a centralized mechanism to share, demonstrate, and promote evidence-based strategies and methodologies for the enhancement of instruction while engaging all participants as learners.

CTL Curriculum Series

Composed of a wealth of programs that catalyze the teaching and learning connection at Forsyth Tech. Each subject is aligned with (QM) standards.

CTL Faculty Learning Communities

Our FLCs help instructors to engage in an active, collaborative, yearlong program, focused on enhancing teaching and learning, through community building.

Teach, Transform, and Triumph Academy

Connector to the HR hiring process designed to prepare new-to-Forsyth-Tech-faculty for the college culture, services, and innovative approaches to engage learners.

CTL & Quality Matters

Learn the underlying principles behind the Quality Matters (QM) Rubric and the critical elements of the QM quality assurance process.