Deborah Brown

Specialist, Learning Technology Innovation

Deborah first started working in education in 2011 at Davidson County Community College where she proctored exams and taught face-to-face computer classes for Economic and Workforce Development. She joined Forsyth a few years ago and has recently received Certification from Blackboard in Administrative Essentials for both Blackboard Learn Original and Ultra. She is also certified by Blackboard in Blackboard Teaching Essentials. Her passion for learning inspires her to be continuously self-motivated to study ways to help faculty, staff, and students to navigate Blackboard and the tools that are used with Blackboard. Deborah loves helping faculty to create student-friendly course content, including demonstrating how to create ADA compliant content.

In her spare time, Deborah works in her flower garden, watches her 2 cats sleep, and binges on back-to-back episodes of Law and Order on Hulu when her grown daughter visits. She also loves to travel with her husband and visit her son wherever he is assigned by the military.