Creating a Course Entry Assignment

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In the fall semester of the 2013-2014 academic year, a standardized course entry assignment was introduced to satisfy auditing of attendance in online classes. The assignment was also placed in hybrid classes in case students accessed the online portion of the course first. The Learning Technologies Committee, which consists of faculty and staff, was charged to update parameters for the assignment in a way that provides flexibility for faculty. This post explains the purpose of the course entry assignment and its importance for audit tracking.The Learning Technologies Committee re-evaluated the course entry assignment during the Fall 2015 semester. After extensive work with committee members and faculty feedback, we are happy to introduce updated parameters regarding the assignment.

Process Summary

  1. The course entry assignment for each Blackboard online and hybrid section (Sections 800-949) must be ready and available for students on the first day of class.
  2. You may use the discussion board icebreaker, which is the default course entry assignment, or any assignment in your course as long as it is due on or before the census date (your course’s 10% point). To learn more about the Course Entry Assignment parameters, view this PDF.
  3. For efficiency, it is highly recommended you use features in Blackboard that requires students to submit something such as a test, graded discussion, document upload, etc.).
  4. You must change the grade center column name to Course Entry Assignment. For a tutorial on how to do this, view this PDF.
  5. To verify student enrollment, assignments must be submitted prior to the census date. This does not mean graded, which can be done later. Please adhere to your respective division policies if there are different requirements.
  6. Use Blackboard as your guide for marking No Shows and enrollment (E) dates in Web Attendance. Due dates for marking these are dispersed by your respective divisions. To find submission dates in Blackboard, view this PDF. To learn how to mark No Shows and E’s in Web Attendance, view this PDF.
  7. Students marked as No Shows will not change in Blackboard until the Record’s Office and Snapshot runs their respective processes. For more information about Snapshot, please view the information on this page.

What is a Census Date?

  • The census date, also known as a course’s 10% point, is the last day students must verify enrollment (E) in their course. Failure to do so will result in a No Show (NS). The census date can be found using the Class Roster in Web Advisor for Faculty on Techlink.
  • Enrollments and No Shows must be accurately reflected in Web Attendance.
  • When a student submits the Course Entry Assignment, the date of their submission is the enrollment date and must be entered in Web Attendance with an “E” to show the first date of course attendance.
  • If a student does not complete any course work by the end of the census date, you must mark this student as a No Show by placing a check in the appropriate box in Web Attendance.
  • Enrollments and No Shows must be marked by the due date, often shared by the division’s administrative staff, because a process is ran by the Record’s Office to capture notations in Web Attendance.
  • Once the Record’s Office completes the above-mentioned process, students who were marked as No Shows are removed from your Blackboard course.

Tutorials Regarding the Course Entry Assignment

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